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2020 624 models

One of the members on the snow blower forum was having issues with clogging with his new 624 and he was wondering if it was because the engine is new and not broken in.

I do not know if he was using any Fluid Film or Pam to slick up the augers and auger housing.

The other issue is the auger housing as it is not level from side to side and will pull the snow blower to one side while clearing and I suggested simply adjusting the opposing skid to a longer length and he was not interested in doing that.

I suggested loosening the bolts that secure the cross auger housing to get it to level from side to side but he is not wanting to do that.  

I am hoping someone has a tech sheet about the cross auger housing that they can e-mail me so i can post it on the SBF forum.

His dealer is 90 minutes away and that is another issue.

Happy New Year